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08 May

Temporary Surcharge

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Bag Corp has faced many challenges with our customers during this tremendous crisis. We have been working hard to try and keep our costs down during this time as well. We have recently run into several things recently, e.g. increased freight costs, increased costs/fees from suppliers, which is forcing our hand to make some temporary changes. As such we will be implementing a temporary surcharge of $2 per bag to cover these incremental costs. We view this as only a short term situation until everything lands on the "new normal".

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17 Mar

COVID-19 Company Statement

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Like most companies in this time of great uncertainty, BAG Corp is closely monitoring the news about COVID-19 and any potential impact on our customers, their business, and our employees.

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24 May

Conductive Bag Grounding Technical Bulletin

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The conductive Super Sack® container uses a fabric constructed with carbon-loaded tapes that provide a path for electrical charges to flow from a bag’s ground tab to a grounding terminal. Read our new technical bulletin on the proper grounding of a conductive Super Sack container.

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27 Jul


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For immediate release:

In July 2018, BAG Corp’s manufacturing plant in Juarez, Mexico earned its sixth consecutive AIB International Superior rating. Superior is the highest rating available through the AIB.

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