Highlights from the Pioneers in FIBC in North America Since 1969

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BAG Corp is the pioneer of the Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Industry (FIBC) for North America, and originator and exclusive provider of the Super Sack® Container—the industry’s gold standard and most internationally recognized brand in the powder and bulk industry. Since our establishment in 1969, we have marketed and distributed the latest innovations in FIBCs made from flexible and rigid materials for the transport and storage of dry, flow-able goods. With over 4,000 customers ranging from global, Fortune 500 companies to small business owners, BAG Corp is recognized as an innovative and global FIBC leader in service, manufacturing, quality, and custom bag designs. We manufacture containers on a global scale from our BAG Corp Mexico facility, and through our network of manufacturing partners abroad—enabling BAG Corp to provide quality bags with stringent specifications and performance standards. Additionally, because BAG Corp can handle high-volume orders, stocks over 360,000 Super Sack Containers (for immediate delivery from warehouse locations throughout the United States for distribution around the world), and are equipped to respond rapidly to special and rush orders, we are poised to deliver high-quality, cost-effective FIBCs.


- When it comes to quality and service, our customers continually tell us we “set the bar high”.

- Pioneers of the FIBC industry in North America since 1969.

- 21 patents for innovation in FIBCs—most notable, originators of the Super Sack Container.

- Super Sack Container—most recognized brand in the powder and bulk industry.

- Gold standard for specs/materials (bag sizes and dimensions).

- Leader in training companies how to manufacture and assemble FIBCs.

- Can procure fabrics, film and liners to produce bags cut-to-size and machine sewn.

- Can provide global, on-demand bulk bags in a timely, cost-effective manner.

- Founding member of the Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association (FIBCA).

- Certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise by the WBENC.

- Proud to serve over 4,000 customers worldwide.