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Today, on National Almond Day, we celebrate one of the most heart-healthy and versatile foods available, the almond. Whether snacked on, used in the making of flour or oil, dairy feed or livestock bedding, no part of this widely cultivated seed goes to waste. Here are some nutty facts about the almond.

Not a true nut, the almond is technically the kernel of a fruit grown on a tree.

Almonds can be a terrific substitute for bread crumbs and flours, for those on gluten-free diets.

Almond trees bloom between February and March and rely entirely on honey bees to pollinate the blossom. Each pollinated flower grows into an almond.

Getting its start in the 1850’s, the state of California now grows 80% of the world’s supply of almonds.

In the most recent reporting from the Almond Board of California, the sunshine state produced 2.13 billion pounds of kernels, 4.62 billion pounds of hulls and 1.49 billion pounds of shells.

Up to 2,200 pounds of natural almonds may be shipped to customers around the world using a single Super Sack® polypropylene bulk bag. These cost effective big bags provide maximum shipping efficiencies, enhance customer productivity and reduce overall packaging costs throughout the supply chain.

These food-grade Super Sack® bulk bags are made from a specific woven polypropylene breathable fabric that is engineered to provide maximum air flow to minimize molding.

With proper storage conditions, natural almonds in their skins can be stored for up to 2 years.

Proper handling and transportation may affect the quality and shelf life of almonds. For more information regarding the Super Sack® bulk bag storage options, call one of our trusted industry professionals at (800) 331-9200.

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