Ag Day, Ag Week, Better Agricultural Goals and the Birth of BAG Corp

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Agriculture is the foundation of our country. It’s the backbone of a healthy and prosperous nation that’s made possible by the hard work and commitment of America’s farms and farm families. BAG Corp and the Agriculture Council of America proudly celebrate the contributions of our country’s farms on National Agriculture Day.

Each American farmer feeds more than 165 people, a dramatic increase from 25 people in the 1960s. American agriculture is doing more and doing it better. As the world population soars, there is a greater demand for the food and fiber produced in the United States. As our #1 export, agriculture is vital to sustaining our country.

Ag Day is organized by the Agriculture Council of America. ACA is a nonprofit organization composed of leaders in the agricultural, food and fiber community, dedicating its efforts to increasing the public's awareness of agriculture's role in modern society.

The National Ag Day program encourages every American to:

· Understand how food and fiber products are produced.

· Appreciate the role agriculture plays in providing safe, abundant and affordable products.

· Value the essential role of agriculture in maintaining a strong economy.

· Acknowledge and consider career opportunities in the agriculture, food and fiber industry.

Today, there are 3.75 million Americans employed full- and part-time in agriculture, including forestry, fishing and other activities. In comparison, the tech sector supports 4.3 million jobs. If one were to look at food-related industries, the numbers jump way up. In fact, one in 12 American jobs is dependent on agriculture.

Better Agricultural Goals: B.A.G. Corp

In 1969, Robert R. Williamson observed that the agricultural industry was struggling with inefficient, awkward, and expensive crop dusting product handling methods. Back then, the only way to load product into a crop duster was to manually break open fifty-pound bags, which took a great deal of time and wasted product. Bob realized that an FIBC container could efficiently load product into the crop duster, hence B.A.G. Corp, an acronym for Better Agricultural Goals, was born.

Mr. Williamson saw the immediate potential and wide range of applications for the FIBC, trademarking the Super Sack® container and pioneering its use across the U.S. Today, the Super Sack® container, along with a compliment of other versatile bulk bag products, is used for pharmaceuticals, chemicals, paint and pigments, every imaginable food product, oil - gas and wind energy, powders and bulk solids, environmental cleanup, construction and building materials, mining and minerals, paper to plastic, sugars and salts, and of course, agriculture.

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