Employee Appreciation Day!

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"The employees of BAG Corp are some of the most dedicated and genuine people I have ever worked with. We, as a team, are doing meaningful work with each other on behalf of the customers we value immensely. I am proud and happy to be a part of this team and I appreciate each of you greatly. My sincere thanks for all you guys and ladies do!” Robert Conley, President & CEO, BAG Corp.

BAG Corp recognizes and thanks all of its employees. We're so proud of all you do for BAG Corp!


About BAG Corp:

BAG Corp is a bulk bag handling and supply chain solutions provider with one mission in mind: Helping businesses manage 100% of their bulk bag needs from a single source. BAG Corp's manufacturing resources for the Super Sack® container and other related FIBC products include our manufacturing operation located in Mexico, in combination with our international manufacturing and warehousing partners. BAG Corp is committed to meeting customer requirements and delivering quality products on time.