Taking The Wind Out Of Wimpy Bags

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Reliable, strong and long-lasting, the WindMule® Utility Bag is designed to carry or lift tools, products, parts, or materials to hard to reach worksites or locations. With its large open top, 500-pound capacity and industrial strength lift loops, it can take the heavy ­lifting from your shoulders and help you get the job done quickly at a fraction of the cost of a canvas Lineman’s Bucket or other totes.

The WindMule® Utility Bag is ready to use and easy to lift. Hardwall® construction provides stiff side walls for support, yet the bag remains pliable. It features a large 22-inch open top that can be cinched or closed off to prevent objects from falling out, and easily compacts to fraction of original size when not in use.

The WindMule® Plus Utility Bag offers an impressive 800-pound capacity and a large 23-inch open top, featuring 4 loops for outstanding lift ability.

Both of these heavy-duty workhorse bags are designed with a square shape, allowing for easy passage through a winch deck floor opening. The WindMule® and WindMule® Plus Utility Bags are in-stock and ship in 48 hours.


About BAG Corp:

BAG Corp is a bulk bag handling and supply chain solutions provider with one mission in mind: Helping businesses manage 100% of their bulk bag needs from a single source. BAG Corp's manufacturing resources for the Super Sack® container and other related FIBC products include our manufacturing operation located in Mexico, in combination with our international manufacturing and warehousing partners. BAG Corp is committed to meeting customer requirements and delivering quality products on time.