BAG Corp Announces Executive Leadership Changes

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BAG Corp announces its 2018 executive leaders: Jodi Simons as Chairwoman, Robert Conley as President and CEO, and Kevin Ashton as COO.

“The new executive leadership reflects BAG Corp’s commitment to recruit and develop senior talent to strengthen customer relationships, develop best practices, and create strategic business partners across the globe.” Says Chairwoman Jodi Williamson Simons. “With the addition of Mr. Conley in 2016 and Mr. Ashton in 2017, BAG Corp is well positioned to continue its dominance in the FIBC industry.”

These changes go into effect immediately.

Jodi L.W. Simons, Chairwoman

Jodi Williamson Simons is the daughter of BAG Corp founder and former CEO, Robert R. Williamson. Having the unique distinction of being raised in the industrial packaging industry, Jodi’s knowledge of the company’s rich history has laid the foundation for what it is today.

For nearly two decades, Jodi served as the company’s Marketing Director, until 2010 when she was named President. In 2015, the company received national certification as a Women’s Business Enterprise by the Women’s Business Council - Southwest, a regional certifying partner of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council. It’s a meticulous process designed to confirm the business is at least 51% owned, operated and controlled by a woman or women. Jodi prominently led the company as President and as Chief Executive Officer and now has the distinguished honor of serving exclusively as Chairwoman.

Ms. Simons received her Bachelor of Science from Texas A&M University.

Robert Conley, President and Chief Executive Officer

Robert Conley joined BAG Corp in 2016 as Chief Operating Officer and was named President and COO in 2017. Robert now serves the company as President and Chief Executive Officer.

As President and CEO, Robert leads the executive team to implement the company’s strategic growth initiatives. He provides comprehensive profit and loss analysis of the business, oversees the entire organization’s operation, initiates opportunities for market expansion, and develops financial tools and controls focused on maximizing performance and profitability.

For the 10 years prior to BAG Corp, Robert worked with Ashton Capital Partners (ACP), a small, private equity group. The focus of ACP was to purchase undermanaged, highly-engineered, job shop manufacturing companies. Performance in these companies was improved by using a proven, operational framework developed by the Patriarch of ACP, Dr. Jim Ashton. Because of the small size of the ACP team, partners worked within all disciplines of the companies that were purchased. Having this level of involvement resulted in a broad, but highly detailed understanding of business operations, including, Manufacturing, Engineering, Sales and Marketing, Finance, and Information Technology.

Mr. Conley received his B.B.A. from Northeastern State University and his MBA, Entrepreneurship from The Acton School of Business.

Kevin L. Ashton, Chief Operating Officer

Kevin Ashton joined BAG Corp in May of 2017 as Management Consultant and now serves the company as Chief Operating Officer. As COO, Kevin is responsible for executing company strategies and managing all operational aspects. In a global logistics and supply chain environment, Kevin’s extensive background in the manufacturing arena makes him well-suited to accomplish BAG Corp’s mission-critical goals.

Kevin is an entrepreneur with 20 years of private equity and heavy manufacturing experience. He has extensive familiarity operating in complex conditions. His well-balanced skill set, broad background, creative problem-solving capabilities, and valuable professional experiences make Kevin the ideal leader to drive innovative and proven processes in the company’s operations.    

Mr. Ashton received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from University of Texas, Arlington and his MBA, Entrepreneurship Concentration, from the University of Texas, Austin.

About BAG Corp:

  • Founded in 1969
  • Pioneer of the FIBC industry in the U.S.
  • Originator of the world’s most well-known FIBC brand, the Super Sack® container
  • Founding member of the FIBCA
  • Over 190 years of combined industry expertise
  • Certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise


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