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World Landscape Architecture Month 

Landscape architects are often confused with other landscape professionals, but there’s a difference. Architects handle the design, often working with other landscaping companies to take care of the installation. You’ve likely witnessed their handiwork in streetscapes and public areas, school and college campuses, land reclamation and rehabilitation projects, parks and trails, as well as other developments that help shape our communities.

Landscape architects work to achieve balance between the built and natural environments. They work with nature to create sustainable environments through the design and development of green infrastructure. Nowhere is this more evident than at Klyde Warren Park in Dallas, Texas.

A 5-acre deck park built over a recessed eight-lane freeway, Klyde Warren Park connects the lively Uptown neighborhood with downtown Dallas. This park is an example of how to bring neighborhoods and natural landscapes together and help close the gap created by highways and freeways. More than one million people a year now visit the park, making it one of Dallas' most popular spaces.

In 2017, Klyde Warren Park won the ASLA's (American Society of Landscape Architects) Professional Award of Excellence, an achievement earned by less than 1 percent. A virtual reality video, narrated by landscape architect James Burnett, was created to take viewers on an interactive journey through the park. A link to the video is included at the bottom of this article.

Dallas also recently announced the transformation of one of its downtown surface parking lots into a 3.2-acre public green space, with the hopes of attracting more residents to an increasingly vibrant downtown. Landscape architects use these green spaces to help dramatically improve the quality of life of area residents, to create critical urban wildlife habitats, and to naturally absorb stormwater runoff before it enters the storm system.

One of the fastest growing trends in the landscape industry is the use of green roofs, typically seen in urban environments. Landscape architects design green roofs that either partial or completely cover roofs with vegetation, which can then be used as recreational spaces, playgrounds, or community gardens.

A green roof’s lifespan is longer than a typical roof. Harmful UV rays degrade your roof and temperature changes throughout the year can have a negative effect. While the life expectancy of a gravel roof is approximately 15 to 25 years, the green roof’s calculated life expectancy can be more than 40 years. Green roofs also provide protection from ozone, wind, hail, and more.

Delivering large amounts of soil, and other mediums, to the roof tops presented a unique challenge to the landscaping and construction industries. Bulk bags, designed for a variety of uses, provided a workable, safe and cost-effective solution. In many applications, soil is delivered to the roof using heavy-duty bulk bags made from a durable and tough woven polypropylene fabric. Holding around 2,000 lbs of soil each, the bulk bags are safely hoisted by crane and set in place. In these situations, BAG Corp strongly recommends that you follow safe handling procedures. If the bulk bags are lifted with one hook, slings or other lifting devices must be used to keep the loops vertical. You can download the FIBC Handling Guidelines, below.

Over the years, BAG Corp has been a reliable partner and supplier to the landscaping industry. Super Sack® containers have proved to be an ideal solution for safely storing or shipping bulk soil, mulch, and fertilizer as well as disposing of leaves, yard clippings, and debris from trimming trees and bushes.  

Whether you are cleaning it up or hauling it in, BAG Corp offers stock bulk bags through our online store and available for immediate shipment from our warehouse. If you have questions regarding your product or which bulk bag meets your needs, contact one of our BAG Corp Customer Product Specialist for assistance.


To download your free .pdf copy of the updated FIBC Handling Guidelines, click here.

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