BAG Corp’s Nancy Cline Is Elected To FIBCA Board Of Directors

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Nancy Cline, Director of Quality, was elected to the FIBCA Board of Directors at the association’s general meeting in Charleston, SC.  

For several years, Nancy has been an integral part of the FIBCA organization, attending meetings, serving as a committee chair person, and putting in hours of her own personal time to help improve our industry. Nancy has proved to be a valuable and well respected member of the the FIBCA. “I am very excited about serving as an FIBCA Board member,” says Nancy Cline, Director of Quality. “I hope my technical bag knowledge proves to be an asset to the Association.” Nancy just recently celebrated 35 years of services with BAG Corp, 33 have been in Quality Control.

BAG Corp has held a position on the FIBCA Board of Directors since the inception of this organization in 1983. Vice President of BAG Corp, Cindy Finley, served honorably on the board for the past 15 years, including two terms as its President.  


About FIBCA:

The FIBCA is the voice of the bulk bag industry and deals with the regulatory bodies that control the shipment of products. The continuing mission of the FIBCA is to:
•Motivate customers to use Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC)s to maximize their profitability, safety, and sustainability.
•Educate its members about regulations and standards, promote the use of their products, and to be a strong voice for the FIBC industry with regulatory agencies around the world.


About BAG Corp:

BAG Corp is a bulk bag industry leader, innovating processes through experience. As a developer, manufacturer, supply chain and logistics provider, we move product around the world and meet customer inventory needs every day. BAG Corp services global brands, represented across a broad spectrum of industry verticals.