COVID-19 Company Statement

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Like most companies in this time of great uncertainty, BAG Corp is closely monitoring the news about COVID-19 and any potential impact on our customers, their business, and our employees.

Considering the current situation we have with the COVID-19 virus, we have taken steps to make sure we have tended to the wellbeing of both our customers and employees using the CDC for guidance on best practices. We are doing absolutely everything in our control to help mitigate any disruptions to our customers and BAG Corp.

What BAG Corp is Currently Doing?

  1. We have implemented temporal thermometer screenings at the entry of all production facilities in Juarez and Matehuala to help us proactively identify and isolate employees who have a fever (one of the signs of COVID-19). Anyone with a temperature result higher than 99.1 degrees Fahrenheit or with a severe cough will not be permitted to enter the factory/office.

  2. We have arranged for enough contactless thermometers for all sites to allow for safe and controlled tests to be undertaken for each shift/each day. Anyone who develops an elevated temperature while in a BAG Corp facility will be immediately escorted off the property. BAG Corp employees will be sent home.

  3. Those colleagues who are responsible for testing temperature shall wear masks and gloves, at all times, during the administration of these tests.

  4. Where bus transportation is contracted by BAG Corp the temperature check must be done by an assigned bus monitor before an employee boards the bus.

  5. Bus providers will be required to thoroughly disinfect buses before and after each use.

  6. Detailed records of all employees with a fever or severe cough will be kept. If an employee develops a fever or severe cough, the employee will be sent home immediately and the areas where they had worked will be immediately disinfected.

  7. Offices and general production areas will be cleaned and disinfected twice per day

  8. Hand tools will be disinfected at the end of each shift using a disinfectant wipe

  9. Conference rooms, conference chairs, whiteboard markers, desk phones, door handles, photocopiers and other high contact surfaces like elevator control buttons, access control points will be disinfected daily during working time.

  10. Our strategic partner in India has also put into place steps to monitor the health of their employees. All employees are monitored upon arrival and if ill they are sent home. To return to work requires a letter from the company doctor clearing them to return.

  11. We have suspended all business travel for all employees in all locations. Exceptions must be approved by the CEO.

  12. All Richardson, TX-based office employees are working from home until at least March 30, 2020

How are You Mitigating Supply Chain Risks?

As a vertically integrated company where we produce our own fabric, the primary material used in FIBC production, we control the major piece in our own supply chain. We are actively working to increase our own finished goods safety stocks of fabric

We have a network of suppliers we work with as well in North America and India to provide us with the supporting components, e.g. webbing, liners. Our materials group is actively working to increase safety stocks of critical non-fabric components to protect against any disruption experienced by one of our component suppliers.

In addition, with three separate production facilities in Mexico, we have the potential to shift workloads should any one of these facilities need to be shut down for any reason.

We believe the combination of our domestic production capabilities in combination and cooperation with our strategic partner in India will allow us to achieve a continued supply of products that our customers are counting on.

Are We Still Taking Orders?

We are currently still taking orders for FIBCs and fabric to keep the supply chain flowing from both Mexico and India.

Our customer service representatives are working from home and available to help assist in any situation. The customer service agents have all systems available to them remotely to handle your order or questions. You can reach any member of our customer service or sales team by calling (800) 331-9200

BAG Corp has our eCommerce website available as well to source some of our most popular styles. You can find it at

We are recommending to our customers to immediately assess and increase their own safety stocks to protect against any potential disruptions that cannot be otherwise mitigated (ex. port closures, border closures). These safety stocks can be ordered now and be satisfied out of production both domestically and internationally. We will ship orders to customers' locations for warehousing.

We are happy to help you figure out your usage and develop timelines on when we can have your first order available.

Take care and be safe. 


Kevin Ashton
CEO & President
BAG Corp