History of the Original Super Sack® Container - The FIBC Industry's Gold Standard for Bulk Bag Specs

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BAG Corp was founded in 1969 by Robert R. Williamson after he observed that the agricultural industry was struggling with inefficient, awkward, and expensive crop dusting product handling methods. Back then, the only way to load product into a crop duster was to manually break open fifty-pound bags, which took a great deal of time and wasted product. Bob realized the FIBC container could efficiently load product into the crop duster, and with this idea he helped to pioneer the FIBC industry into what it is today. It didn’t take long before he recognized the great potential and wide range of applications for the FIBC, trademarking the Super Sack container and introduced it into a wide variety of industries that are still using Super Sack containers today.

In the beginning, all FIBCs in the United States were made from PVC fabric and imported from Japan, which was proving to be a limited resource. In 1974, Ced Derby joined BAG Corp and established our manufacturing base, engineering many of the container designs still in use. Savoy, TX opened in 1974, becoming BAG Corp's state-of-the-art test facility in 1976.

In 1987, BAG Corp was named Texas Business of the Year, followed by the opening of a facility in Bonham, TX. BAG Corp Refurbishing opened at this location. As BAG Corp expanded, a facility in Virginia and in Mexico opened between 1995-1997. Once the Mexico facility was opened, we started spreading BAG Corp all over the world in the following years, including India, Turkey, and China.

In 2009, we proudly celebrated 40 years as a company. Today, we still hold that pride as we grow and become even better in this industry, serving clients everywhere.