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BAG Corp maintains a network of stocking warehouses throughout the United States and internationally, that house over 300,000 off-the-shelf, in-stock Super Sack® containers. In-stock, bulk bags provide our customers with a cost-effective, quick-delivery option of our most requested Super Sack container designs. All in-stock FIBCs are available for immediate delivery, allowing us to respond to requests quickly with minimal cost. In-stock orders typically range from as few as 25 Super Sack containers to several thousand units, depending on availability of the stocked item. Super Sack container designs not commonly available through our in-stock program sometimes become available. Inquiries are always welcome.

Additionally, for our customers with complex storage and shipping issues, our network of stocking warehouses can be set up and managed with customer-specific stocking programs that include arranging drop shipments, expediting shipments, and processing documentation for international shipping.

For our multinational customers, our worldwide warehouse resource network (through our global partnerships) helps service a companiy's global FIBC requirements. Just like our Domestic program, our global stocking program maintains a network of warehouses throughout the world to provide quick, cost-effective international delivery options of our most requested Super Sack container designs. International orders can be expedited through our expert, Logistic Services Group.