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Type D Static Control Bulk Bags Announcement

On September 28, 2011, Greif announced that the usage of their Type D bags marked as Sun-Stat are unsafe for use in an ungrounded manner. A notice has been posted on their website that “The Sun-Stat Type D bag is currently under technical review and cannot be ordered until further notice”. In a letter also posted on their website, they have advised all users to stop filling or discharging any of these bags immediately.

B.A.G. Corp. has been a long time supporter of the CROHMIQ® fabric technology and exclusively sells this construction on all of our Type D Super Sack containers. Our Mexico production is ready and available to immediately supply CROHMIQ® bags to any customers in need of type D FIBCs. For many years B.A.G. Corp. has manufactured and shipped hundreds of thousands of FIBCs manufactured with both the CROHMIQ® blue and the CROHMIQ® white fabrics. To the best of our knowledge, there has never been an accident involving electrical discharges with these bags.

Please email or call us at 800.331.9200 if you are in need of a safe replacement for your Sun-Stat FIBCs. We welcome an opportunity to work with you.