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BAG Corp will meet and/or manufacture to the following standards: 
NEL, CFR 49, British Standard 1898, CONEG, SARA legislation, ISO 21898, or UN Packaging Groups I, II, and III. 
BAG Mexico has a Superior rating in AIB audits; and a Quality System certified to ISO 9001:2008. 


Cost/value driven, and meets industrial standards.
(Available for In-stock or customized containers.)


Quality driven, and exceeds industrial standards.  
(Available for In-stock or customized containers.)

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BAG Corp’s manufacturing capabilities enable us to deliver high-volume production capacity with 
alternative technologies and cost management solutions for the changing needs of our customers. 

Standard, In-Stock Bag

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Custom Engineered Bag

Engineer a custom solution to customer specifications. 

Special Applications

Achieving successful bulk packaging is more than buying and selling a cheap FIBC. BAG Corp has the resources 
and expertise to deliver more products and services, and superb support throughout the supply chain process.
Here are just several applications in our broad line up of FIBC products:


An economical container for the disposal of debris, contaminated soils, and other hazmat products. 


Highly, cost-effective and eco-friendly containers that, when disposed of, are non-hazardous to the environment. 


Conductive type C and dissipative type D static control containers for help with static safety in hazardous,
combustible or flammable environments.


Ideal to filter, wash or collect product, the Dewatering container facilitates filtration of a fluid mixture which allows solid materials to be retained as the liquid drains. 

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