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Foil Liner

Foil barrier liners, manufactured from our WinFoil™ film, offer superior moisture, odor and oxygen protection for general use, as well as excellent UV protection for light sensitive products. Compatible with a variety of container types, foil liners are available in standard or custom sizes to fit most size packages.

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WinFoil™ film is a flexible material that features multi-layered lamination of PET, PE and aluminum foil.

Standard gauges

WinFoil™ 35 film   -  4.3 mil.

Top options

Full open top

Fill spout

Tapered fill

Bottom options

Closed gusseted bottom

Discharge spout

Tapered discharge

Attachment options

Glued-in liner

Tied liner

Sewn tabbed liner

Other options

One-way valve end 

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