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MaxLiner™ Baffled Liner

A MaxLiner liner is a cube liner with added internal baffles that provides the benefits of a square container with the added protection of a barrier for FIBCs. The square shape of the MaxLiner liner produces a very stable, stackable container that minimizes shipping costs and maximizes storage space. The combination of high and low density polyethylene gives the MaxLiner liner its strength and flexibility, as well as excellent barrier properties. This liner can be reused in certain applications.

Product variations


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The top and bottom panels and spouts are made from 3.0 mil. LLDPE. The baffles are made of 8.0 mil. coextruded HDPE. Design variations may include outer corners made of 6.0 mil. coextruded HD/LDPE. Other materials, constructions and design modifications are available. Please inquire for details.

Standard gauges

LLDPE (top/bottom panels; spouts)   -  3.0 mil.

HD/LDPE (outer corners)   -  6.0 mil.

HDPE (baffles)   -  8.0 mil.


Standard color is natural.

Top options

Full open top

Fill spout

Bottom options

Flat bottom

Discharge spout

Attachment options

Sewn flange

Tied liner

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