If you could increase your storage or shipping volume by 25-30%, without sacrificing space, would that be valuable to you?

A bulk bag is typically constructed in a rectangular shape, but due to the flexibility of the fabric, the bag will round similar to a cylinder when filled. When space, or lack thereof, is vitally important, the rounding of filled bulk bags becomes problematic. BAG Corp offers a solution with its unique baffled MaxSack™ container. The MaxSack™, or maximum cube Super Sack® container, is designed to stay square after filling for the ultimate efficiency in shipping and warehouse storage. Innovative vertical mid-panel seams are key to the MaxSack™ retaining its more rectangular shape versus a standard baffled bag. This makes the MaxSack™ extremely stable and stackable, ideal for products with low bulk densities. You can expect 25-30% more volume than a typical bulk bag of the same height. Plus, they compact down to a small fraction of their filled size when empty.

There are three common base sizes available with a variety of heights. Our standard fabric is a food grade, UV treated, woven polypropylene fabric offered in black or white. Electrostatic options are offered, as well as a wide selection of top and bottom designs. For all the available configurations and product specifications, you can download the MaxSack™ product spec sheet below.

If you’ve never previously spec’d out a bulk bag, the FIBC Design Guide is provided as a means for potential bulk bag users to help determine what bulk bag fits best their particular application. It has been assembled by professionals in the industry and will be an excellent guide in identifying the questions which will ultimately need to be answered. Download the Design Guide below.

The MaxSack™, our Super Sack® containers, and a diverse inventory of bulk bags are available through our online store for immediate shipment from our warehouse. If you need assistance developing an inventory stocking strategy or require a custom bulk bag solution, you can speak directly to one of our expert sales representatives for assistance.