The Original Super Sack®

The Super Sack container was developed by BAG Corp over 50 years ago

The Super Sack

The Tubular Super Sack® container construction eliminates side seams, resulting in improved sift and moisture resistance. The strap design allows for easy forklift access. We at BAG Corp developed the Super Sack® lineup as a strong, versatile innovation for the bulk bag industry.

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Types of Super Sack® Containers

BAG Corp is the originator and only source of the Super Sack®, which comes in a variety of sizes and variants to suit different industry and product needs.

BAG Corp Super Sack Containers

We recommend that you utilize our experience to maximize performance and minimize cost. Please Contact us if you have any questions!

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Barrel Bag

BAG Corp Barrel Bag, food grade
  • Two-panel construction with two lift loops
  • Standard duffel top with a flat bottom
  • Duffel Top, Web Tie Closure
  • FDA GRAS for food
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Builder's Bag

BAG Corp Builder's Bag for construction and landscaping materials
  • Inexpensive, tough, and durable
  • Easy to fill, carry, and access materials
  • Great for sand, stone, landscape, building materials, construction debris, and beach clean-ups
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DeWatering Bag

BAG Corp DeWatering bag to filter, wash or collect liquid product
  • Ideal to filter, wash or collect the product
  • Allows solid materials to be retained as the liquid drains
  • Special porous polypropylene fabric with greater warp and weft tensile strengths
  • Great for clarifying water/liquids, dewatering sludge, cake filtration, biotreatment projects
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Waste Away

BAG Corp Waste Away bag for hazardous material and incineration
  • Delivered with liners inserted, stored and folded to save space
  • Self-supporting with wall corrugated stiffener inserts
  • UN certified for Packaging Groups II and III hazardous material
  • Acceptable for incineration
  • Duffel Top, Web Tie Closure
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Super Sack Plus

BAG Corp ultra strong FIBC bulk container for shipping and handling dry products, food grade
  • Super strong woven polypropylene flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC)
  • For the shipping, handling and storing of dry, flowable products.
  • Duffel Top, Web Tie Closure
  • FDA GRAS for food
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The Super Sack container is ideal for shipping, handling, and storing of dry, flowable products for a wide variety of industries. The bag is uncoated, providing much needed strength while maintaining breathability for the bag's contents. With spout options, different sizes, and varying weight capacities, the Super Sack is equipped to store and ship adhesives, chemicals, paints, building materials, paving materials, and even food products. We offer food-grade containers and liners for dry goods, meat, poultry, dairy, and more, while almost all of our containers are approved for use in transporting sugar, salt, and starch. For a longer list of industries and uses, learn more at the link below.

Industries and Uses
BAG Corp Super Sack used for landscaping materials

Why use bulk bags?

Bulk bags are strong, economical and can be designed to be application specific. They can handle just about any dry, flowable product. From beans to borax; carbon black to coins; pharmaceutical powders to salt, resins, plastics and more. We serve all industries!

With their lightweight construction, strength, and option to be porous, bulk bags don’t have the limitations of paper bags, fiber drums, or other common containers. With a variety of container designs including fill, discharge, and lift loop options, our bulk bags allow you to design your container to your specific needs.

Being lightweight makes them ideal for shipping, as the low tare weight helps reduce your shipping costs. They're even economical with space, compacting to a fraction of their filled size when not in use. Despite their lightweight and efficient size, BAG Corp Super Sacks are sturdy enough not to require additional packaging for shipping.

Want to know what information you need to correctly select and size a bulk bag for purchase? Review our FAQ or contact us!

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BAG Corp Super Sack hoisted by straps on forklift
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