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From Pharmaceuticals to Mining, BAG Corp has been delivering industry-specific FIBC solutions for over 50 years. From improving product delivery to supporting worker safety with innovative, high-performance fabrics, we enhance operations and functionality through our vast material handling knowledge and experience. Take a moment to browse through the different industries we have contributed to below.

Industrial Bags for Every Industry

With its strength, versatility and large selection of design options, the Super Sack container is ideal for the shipping, handling and storing of dry, flowable products for a wide range of industries. Super Sack containers can be used for products ranging from adhesives, chemicals and paints to building and landscape materials, cement, paving materials, sand, stone, soil and clay to food products including rice, beans, grains, sugar, salt and meat.

Bags for Adhesives

In many industries, adhesives are used frequently and need to be transported and handled correctly. At BAG Corp, our most popular container, the Four-Panel Super Sack Container, is perfect for the transport and handling of adhesives. The versatile, cost-effective four-panel construction is excellent for a variety of applications and is available custom designed or from our in-stock selection.

Bags for Building Materials

The handling and transport of building materials such as stone, gravel, debris, cement, soil or other construction materials is tough to overcome. Here at BAG Corp, we provide inexpensive, tough and durable containers to help with the transport and handling of these materials, such as the Builder’s Bag

Bags for Chemicals

When dealing with chemicals, you want a container that is reliable, sturdy, and safe for everyone involved. At BAG Corp, almost all our containers are compatible and efficient with the transporting and handling of many different kinds of chemicals. In particular, our Static Control Container helps prevent hazardous, combustible or flammable environments. 

Bags for Environmental - Hazmat

Handling and transporting hazmat products causes concerns for many people. At BAG Corp, we provide containers that lessen the worries of those people, such as the Super Sack Landfill Container. It is an economical container that is used for the disposal of debris, contaminated soils, and other hazmat products. 

Bags for Environmental - Refuse

In all industries, transporting and handling trash is a very important factor that must be considered. At BAG Corp, we offer a variety of containers to assist in transporting and handling trash, including the Waste Away containers (WasteAway Drum or WasteAway Plus). They are ideal for comprehensive environmental cleanup or general on-site cleanup. Not only are the containers economical and easy to use, but they are also UN certified for packaging groups II and III. 

Bags for Fiberglass

The transportation and handling of fiberglass is something a lot of industries, especially those in construction, need at some point. At BAG Corp, we offer a variety of containers that handle and transport fiberglass efficiently and safely.  Our containers are strong and durable, while remaining cost-effective, to ensure the container does not break while transporting your fiberglass product. 

Bags for Filter Media

Keeping solid materials retained while the liquid drains in containers, while transporting and handling, is always a difficult task. At BAG Corp, we make containers, like our DeWatering Super Sack Container, with special porous polypropylene fabric with warp and weft tensile strength greater than conventional containers. This container has a wide variety of uses to fit your specific needs.

Bags for Food - Coffee, Teas, Seasonings

Coffee, teas and seasonings require a container that is able to easily transport, handle and store dry flowable products. At BAG Corp, almost all our containers are able to accomplish this.  

Bags for Food - Meat, Poultry, Dairy

When handling and transporting food products, such as meat, poultry and dairy, there is a chance of contamination from woods and corrugated materials in processing area. BAG Corp has food-grade containers and liners just for this type of application.

Bags for Food - Rice, Beans, Grains

Finding a container that offers efficient removal of product while remaining rigid during discharge is hard.  BAG Corp offers food-grade containers and liners ideal for rice, beans and grains. 

Bags for Food - Sugar, Salt, Starch

Transporting and handling sugar, salt and starch requires rigid and strong containers that are easy to store. At BAG Corp, almost all our containers are approved to be used in the transporting of sugar, salt and starch.  

Bags for Landscaping

BAG Corp containrs are ideal for leaves, yard clippings, debris from trimming trees and bushes, mulch, fertilizer... whether you are cleaning it up or hauling it in, BAG Corp is your one-stop-shop for landscaping projects.

Bags for Metals

When handling and transporting metals, you need a container that is designed for products with high bulk densities. BAG Corp has a container that is specialized for such a product. 

Bags for Mining

Transporting and handling mining products is difficult when the bag you're using is not durable enough or easily transportable from place to place. BAG Corp has a container that is durable for such a product. Additionally, should you need to filter water out of your minerals so all is left in the bag is the product, BAG Corp offers the DeWatering Super Sack Container.

Bags for Paints, Pigments, Coatings

Paints, pigments, coatings, color additives and raw printing materials all need reliable containers to be transported and handled correctly to get to their final destination. BAG Corp offers a variety of bags to meet the needs of these materials, including the MaxSack containerClean Seal MaxSack Container and for controlling electrostatic charges by grounding (Type C), the Static Control MaxSack Container. The MaxSack line of containers are stackable and stable, and ideal for products with low-bulk densities. 

Bags for Paper Products, Pulp

Paper products and pulp are just another industry that BAG Corp can help serve. We can transport and handle all of your paper products swiftly, efficiently, and safely, while keeping your cost to a minimum. We offer a variety of different containers for you to choose from that meet your top transportation needs for your product, such as the Four Panel Super Sack Container

Bags for Petroleum, Coal Products

Buildup of electrostatic discharges from any source can result in explosions, fire and potentially catastrophic damage. To prevent this disaster from occurring, BAG Corp offers both type C (Conductive Super Sack Containers and Static Control MaxSack Containers) and type D static control containers (CROHMIQ blue Super Sack Container)to help with static safety in hazardous, combustible or flammable environments.

Bags for Pharmaceutical Products

Pharmaceuticals require a clean contact surface to be transported and handled, which can be difficult to find. At BAG Corp, containers are available for the transport and handling of pharmaceuticals. As well as being ideal for pharmaceuticals, our containers are reusable under most conditions. 

Bags for Plastics - Resins, Pellets

Plastics are used in so many different types of industries. These plastics need to be handled and transported safely and efficiently from destination to destination. At BAG Corp, all of our containers allow for plastics, including resins and pellets, to be transported and handled safely with ease. 

Bags for Sand, Soil

Sand and soil are of common use in many types of industries and used quite frequently. At BAG Corp, we offer a variety of products and containers that will meet your specific needs, including sand bags, the Builder's Bag and the SuperSack Container, which can be used to build a cofferdam. 

Bags for Spec Minerals - Carbon Black

Carbon black is another spec mineral that takes a long process to obtain. Our Super Sack Container can be equipped with a duffle top, for easy loading of your product, as well as a spout bottom, for control over how much product will leave the container. This container allows for easy transportation and easy storage. 

Bags for Spec Minerals - TiO2

Spec minerals, such as TiO2, require a long process to obtain them. At BAG Corp, we have made the transporting process easy, as well as allowing for easy storage. The Super Sack Container is the perfect bag for your spec minerals. We offer a variety of tops and bottoms to also assist you for easy loading and to control how much of your product comes out of the container. 

Bags for Trucking - Warehouse, Storage

Storing and transporting containers for your products is a challenge. BAG Corp’s MaxSack Container is designed to stay square after filling for the greatest efficiency of shipping and warehouse storage space. On top of this, it compacts down to a small fraction of its filled size when empty. The MaxSack container is very stackable and stable, ideal for products with low bulk densities. 

Bags for Wood

From wood pellets to firewood, BAG Corp has your transportation and treed storage problems. Our uncoated Super Sack® Container provides much needed strength while still maintaining breathability for the product inside the bag. A spout-bottom bag is an excellent solution for discharging wood pellets. 

Super Strength

With its strength, versatility and large selection of design options, the Super Sack container is ideal for the shipping, handling and storing of dry, flowable products for a wide range of industries. Super Sack containers can be used for products ranging from adhesives, chemicals and paints to building and landscape materials, cement, paving materials, sand, stone, soil and clay to food products including rice, beans, grains, sugar, salt and meat.

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