35" x 35" x 46" (H) Super Sack® Container

35" x 35" x 46" (H) Super Sack® Container

The Tubular Super Sack® container construction eliminates side seams, resulting in improved sift and moisture resistance. The strap design allows for easy forklift access. 

  • Capacity: 2200 lbs, 39 Cubic Feet
  • Fabric: uncoated
  • Lift Loops: 4 - 10"
  • Top: 14"D x 18"L, Web Tie Closure
  • Bottom: 14" D x 18" L, Web Tie Closure, Petal Closure
  • Liner: None
  • Doc Pouch: (1) 10" x 12"
  • Print: None
  • This Super Sack® container is FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) for food
  • Bale Count: 280

All BAG Corp bags will meet and/or manufacture to the following standards: NEL, CFR 49, British Standard 1898, CONEG, SARA legislation, ISO 21898, or UN Packaging Groups I, II, and III. BAG Mexico has a Superior rating in AIB audits; and a Quality System certified to ISO 9001:2008.

Product # 3546SSUN2T
SWL Coming Soon
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Top Coming Soon
Bottom Coming Soon
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35" x 35" x 46" (H) Super Sack® Container
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