Bulk bags are manufactured using woven polypropylene fabric and are more prone to sifting than solid containers. Sifting occurs when tiny particles displace, taking the path of least resistance. It is important to note that due to the construction of a bulk bag, a sift-proof design cannot be achieved unless an inner liner is used.

*To learn about The Science of Sifting in Bulk Bags: Know Your Microns, click the link at the bottom of the article.

Bulk bag liners are available in many styles and materials. They can be attached to the bulk bag or loosely inserted into the bag. Even when a liner is securely attached, it may hang below the bag discharge spout when emptied. Because of this, BAG Corp has the following recommendations when discharging Super Sack® containers with liners:

  1. First, it is very important to make sure the bulk bag liner is properly supported from above. To achieve proper support, a bungee cord or web tie can be used to connect the liner to your bulk bag lifting device.
  2. Attach the bungee cord to the loop on the liner that is created after the bulk bag has been filled. Next, secure the bungee cord to your bulk bag lifting device.
  3. The bulk bag must be supported from below prior to discharging. The use of a safety frame will support the weight of the bag, while keeping the discharge operator safe. Once the bag is resting on a safety frame, the bottom spout can be reached for discharging.
  4. Untie the discharge spout cover. Once the discharge spout is visible, pull it down to fully extend it. The bulk container liner can now be accessed through the opening.
  5. Pull the liner out past the bag discharge spout and cut off the sealed end of the liner.
  6. Make sure the bulk bag discharge spout is positioned over the hopper or discharging area.
  7. The final step is to untie the discharge spout to release the product.

We created a how-to video to demonstrate the process of discharging a bulk bag with a liner. You can watch it here.

BAG Corp offers stock bulk bags through our store and available for immediate shipment from our warehouse. If you have questions regarding which bulk bag or liner meet your needs, contact one of our BAG Corp Customer Product Specialist for assistance.