Whether you are using them right now or actively considering them, here are our Top 7 Reasons it makes sense to incorporate bulk bags into your everyday workflow.

Number 7:

Bulk bags handle virtually every dry, flowable product in nearly every industry imaginable. Simply put, flowability is the ability of granular solids and powders to flow. At last count, there are well over 500 unique products that fit into this category. What’s your product? Get started by downloading our bulk material density chart below.

Need to store or ship liquids or semi-viscous products instead? You can learn about our specialized product offerings by speaking to a BAG Corp sales representative.

Number 6:

Bulk bags have the lowest package-to-product weight ratio of any intermediate bulk container on the market. A metric ton of product will have a package weight as little as 5-7 lbs.

Bulk bags can be shipped without pallets, while boxes and drums can’t. With the additional weight of these rigid containers, plus the added weight of the pallet, the cost difference to transport your products can truly be a game changer.

If you’re exploring ways for your business to be more cost-effective and more competitive, you can start saving money now by making the move to bulk bags.

Number 5:

Even when empty, plastic bins and drums simply require more of your valuable storage space. In stark contrast, bulk bags are lightweight and fold flat when empty. Compared to boxes, bulk bags can fit approximately 6 times more on a standard pallet when folded flat.

Did you know? The average unit cost of bulk bags is significantly lower than the average unit cost of equivalent drums or corrugated boxes.

Number 4:

Setup time was measured for a multi-ply corrugated (Gaylord) box versus one of our BAG Corp super sacks. The corrugated box took 3 ½ to 4 ½ minutes to fully setup, while our bulk bag took 1 to 1 ½ minutes. Saving 2 ½ to 3 minutes per setup greatly increases productivity in a measurable way.

Did you know? BAG Corp is the creator, exclusive manufacturer, and owner of the trademark Super Sack®, the world’s most recognizable bulk bag brand.

Number 3:

The safe working load of our bulk bags range from 4000 pounds on the higher end to 2200 pounds on the lower end. Emptying a full bulk bag of its 2200 pounds of product can be as simple as pulling a drawstring. In comparison, you would have to empty 44 separate 50-pound bags to equal the same weight of product. The single bulk bag can be folded flat when emptied, while it takes considerable time and effort to dispose of the 44 emptied 50-pound bags.

Did you know? For shipping and storage, bulk bags have a more efficient footprint compared to other containers.

Number 2:

Even if your product or operation is unique, the adaptability of bulk bags truly has you covered.

Multiple filling and discharging options are available to help with your specific application. Standard top design options include: Fill spout, cone top and full opening duffel top. Standard bottom design options include: Discharge spout, flat bottom, full open dump, cone bottom and remote open discharge. To see the different design options available, you can download the bulk bag top and bottom design .pdf below.

Did you know? Filling and discharging bulk powders where flammable gases or vapors are present can lead to a fire or explosion.

Number 1:

While saving space, time and money is essential to business, the safety and wellbeing of your employees is likely your biggest concern. Lifting heavy items is one of the leading causes of injury in the workplace. Bending and lifting heavy bags and boxes can cause overexertion and cumulative trauma, which are the major factors in these types of injuries. In contrast, bulk bags can only be safely lifted and moved with a hoist or forklift, preventing lower back strains and other related workplace injuries. To view the FIBC safe handling guidelines, download the .pdf below and watch the safe handling guidelines video here.

Our Super Sack® containers and a diverse inventory of bulk bags are available through our online store for immediate shipment from our warehouse. If you need assistance developing an inventory stocking strategy or require a custom bulk bag solution, you can speak directly to one of our expert sales representatives for assistance.